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E3 has been a proud dealer of Tomberlin since our grand opening back in 2016. Tomberlin Carts are statistically the most durable cart in the market today, according to our service department. We have successfully serviced over 100 carts in the South Bay Area, roughly 75% of those serviced are GEMs, and less than 10% are Tomberlin Carts. Golf Car Advisor Magazine depicts Tomberlin as “The result of a luxury automobile shrunken to the size of a golf car.” The luxury, style, and dependency of a Tomberlin Cart make this easily voted the best golf cart in Los Angeles.

The features of Tomberlin Carts are almost endless, I will be discussing a few of those features that give Tomberlin a competitive advantage over all other carts. 


Roll Over Bars


The first point we emphasize to all of our customers is the Safety Features on a Tomberlin. We have customers come in all the time who are new to the LSV industry and are apprehensive about driving one. We explain to them that the rollover, steel beam bar makes Tomberlin significantly more durable than other LSV brands in the event of an accident.  The majority of LSV manufacturers use aluminum bars which are easier to collapse in the event of an accident. As you can see on the picture above, the steel bars connecting the roof to the body of the cart is the most valuable feature Tombelrin offers. 


Electric Power Steering 



Power steering in cars has been a significant feature in the luxury car industry. On the other hand, Tomberlin, have been the pioneers of power steering in the LSV world. Our new 2020 Tomberlin Models like our 4-6 Passenger, lifted Ghosthawk can be fully steered with one finger (Note, we do not advise driving any vehicle with one finger). 


LCD Display 


Our new 2020 Tomberlin Models all come with a 7-inch LCD display with a backup camera, odometer, and speedometer. These come in handy when driving around in a lifted Tomberlin Ghosthawk. 


Additional Features:

Automatic Parking Brake

Self Cancelling Turn Signals

High & Low Beam LED Headlights

On-Board Smart Charger *Link to Blog

Dual Locking Glove Boxes

“I’ve replaced one of two family vehicles and that’s how this business was started” Family owned & operated since 2016

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