How To Make Golf Cart Batteries Last

Golf Cart Batteries

How To Make Golf Cart Batteries Last

The simplicity of a golf cart is the core reason for most people to purchase one. The ease of getting around town, 100% electric, compact, fun, and extremely easy to maneuver. Having your golf car breakdown in the middle of an adventure is the last thing you want to happen to you. So the service department here at E3 Vehicles came up with a couple of simple tactics to make your golf cart batteries last longer.

The #1 issue our service department handles on a daily basis is battery maintenance and repairs. And as much as we love the business it brings, our mission at E3 Vehicles is to create an amazing customer experience for you and contribute to the sustainability and lifestyle of our community. So here are a few tips to make your golf cart batteries last longer.

#1 Quality Batteries for Electric Golf Carts


If you have always shopped for less expensive batteries, you are sacrificing capacity and extended operation. The longevity of a battery depends on the quality. Premium batteries will cost a little more initially, but the internal hardware and construction will make it last much longer than its cheaper counterpart. Simply, Pay More to Last More


#2 How to Prevent Corrosion


There are many proactive measures you can take to prevent corrosion on your electric golf cart battery. Most importantly, consistently check your electric golf cart batteries frequently. Get into a habit of giving each cart battery a glance every week.

If you see corrosion on your electric golf cart battery, use a distilled water and baking soda-based solution to brush off the corrosion. Protective eyewear and mask should always be worn when cleaning batteries.


Never drive your electric golf cart on reserve battery. The longer your electric cart battery has to charge, the more heat is being generated. Thus, the more easily your electric battery will overheat, corrode, and lose its life. 


Anti-Corrosion Lubricant for Electric Carts


In order to attain the most life for your electric cart battery, use an anti-corrosion lubricant 

The acid in a golf cart battery is one of the main agents for corroding its internal parts. In order to prevent this, coat its wire lugs, terminals, nuts, and bolts with any quality non-hardening sealant. A thin layer of pure Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the battery’s terminals also provides extra protection. Finally, sealing any exposed wires at the terminal lugs with submersible rubber tape also extends the battery life. These products can typically be found at your local auto parts store.


#3 How to Trickle Charge the Battery

Using a Trickle Charger is an extremely safe way to ensure a prolonged life for your electric cart battery. If you are planning on driving your electric golf cart during certain times of the year, then I highly recommend using a trickle charger. Essentially, a trickle charger is an electric charger that can stay connected to your battery for a prolonged period of time. It gradually pulls in power without having the battery overheat. If you would like to learn more about Trickle Charging, please click the link below.


#4 Onboard Smart Charger Batteries


A majority of electric golf cart manufacturers integrate a smart charging battery system for their vehicles. A smart charger is similar to a trickle charger, however, once the battery is at 100% it will stop pulling in power entirely. Consult your NEV dealer for more information on Smart Charging Batteries. Tomberlin implements a smart charging system in all its NEV models. Come visit our website at for more information on Tomberlin street legal golf carts. 

#5 Maintenance Free Batteries vs. Filled Batteries


Electric Golf Cart Batteries are Deep Cycle Batteries and are one of the most important investments in your golf cart.  Replacing batteries are costly and can take a toll on your wallet if not maintained properly. There are two main types of Deep Cycle golf cart batteries on the market – Maintenance Free (GEL or AGM) and Filled (require Distilled Water in each battery cell).  AGM and GEL batteries are priced at a premium, but they do not require the monthly inspection that filled batteries require.  Both types work great, it all comes down to your budget and comfort level performing this kind of maintenance.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of golf cart batteries to discuss with your NEV dealers, and how to properly manage your electric batteries. If you would like to more about Electric Golf Cart Service, click the link below and one of our service members will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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