Going Idle-LESS in June

Take a pledge to go IDLE-LESS with Kim from Eco Habits and E3 Vehicles!


Did you know 70% of a household’s trips in the South Bay are under 3 miles? – a bit too long to walk and a bit too short to take public transit, but ideal for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).  According to a study by the South Bay Cities Council of Governments, by driving an NEV, the average household can reduce their emissions by 20%!

We’ve partnered up with Kim @ Eco Habits – for the the month of June – to show you how EASY it is to minimize harmful air pollutants by driving a NEV.

Even if you don’t drive an electric vehicle, there are still ways you can help minimize harmful air pollutants:

1.) Park instead of keeping the car on and running while waiting in your child’s school pick up line.

2.) Turn off the engine while sitting in the driveway while waiting for passengers to come out to the car.

3). Park and walk inside your bank instead of waiting in the drive thru line.

This alone will help improve our air quality as well as our planet!

You can also enter in to WIN a FREE WEEKEND Electric Vehicle Rental! 

Here’s How to Enter:

Must Follow Kim @ Eco Habits on Instagram

Must Follow E3Vehicles on Instagram

Comment on Kim’s Instagram post how you plan to go IDLE-LESS in the month of June!

Follow along Kim’s IDLE-LESS journey on our Instagram page (as well as Kim’s). Our intention is to inspire the South Bay community into help saving the planet!


We hope you enjoy adopting these everyday Eco-Habits to help improve not only our community but our planet!


P.S. You can check out our chat with Kim here!

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