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Going Idle-LESS in June

Take a pledge to go IDLE-LESS with Kim from Eco Habits and E3 Vehicles!


Did you know 70% of a household’s trips in the South Bay are under 3 miles? – a bit too long to walk and a bit too short to take public transit, but ideal for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).  According to a study by the South Bay Cities Council of Governments, by driving an NEV, the average household can reduce their emissions by 20%!

We’ve partnered up with Kim @ Eco Habits – for the the month of June – to show you how EASY it is to minimize harmful air pollutants by driving a NEV.

Even if you don’t drive an electric vehicle, there are still ways you can help minimize harmful air pollutants:

1.) Park instead of keeping the car on and running while waiting in your child’s school pick up line.

2.) Turn off the engine while sitting in the driveway while waiting for passengers to come out to the car.

3). Park and walk [...]

Ride in style in this cool customized GEM. A bullet gray matte wrap covers the body of the cart with accents of arctic white carbon fiber wrap that shows the features of the front and rear areas of the cart. Custom 14′ Kong alloy rims create the shiny head turning look that will impress you and your passengers. Seats have been reupholstered to new leather. You will cruise down the road at 35 MPH in this GEM with an upgraded Ride for Fun motor. Come test drive today!

E3 Vehicles, Inc.

Welcome to E3 Life, our new lifestyle blog bringing you the latest information about everything you need and want to know about owning a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV).  Did you know that E3 Vehicles, Inc. is the first and only NEV dealership in the South Bay ?  We opened our doors in September 2016 to an enthusiastic welcome from our community, who was looking to fill a gap in the marketplace for alternative transportation.  We are so excited to fill this gap, and to be an important part of the business community of the South Bay.

We started this blog to better connect with our community and to bring you the latest information and news surrounding NEVs.   Our goal is to educate our community about the benefits of owing an NEV, not just personal benefits but benefits for the community and environment. We strive to find solutions and answers for you and [...]

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